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  • AI 101: A Primer for Marketers and Their Data Friends

    With all the hype and media coverage around ChatGPT and the tech behind it, it’s always good to revisit the foundations for big (and small) data applications and what AI technique works best in which applications. Especially for marketers looking for smart machines to help them spot trends, automate their daily work, or even grab…

  • Big and Small Data…Together Again

    More brands are looking to enrich and augment their market research to get the full picture of customers and see what they are missing. And there’s a particular demand for using AI (in all its flavors) to help in bringing together new diverse data sources, processing/visualizing them, and interpreting and blending in the right small data –…

  • Do Less to Get More Attention

    Whether it’s a great slogan like “15 minutes could save you 15%.” Or a clean, functional design and product packaging from a brand like Apple, Dyson or Absolut. Simple sells. Sometimes the medium – think Twitter or a TED talk – also forces us to get to the point and do less when it comes…

  • How CPG Brands Are Using Small Data to Win in the Field

    You don’t need to look beyond the headlines to see that retail is undergoing a massive transformation. Powered by changing consumer tastes, cost pressures, and the growth of online channels, there’s certainly a lot of change underway.   Yet, while online innovation tends to get a lot of the press, top CPG brands are standing…

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