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  • 7 Rules for Surviving the AI Hype Machine

    People are losing it over AI. From analyst predictions, to industry events, to earnings calls, artificial intelligence and machine learning are all the rage. And dollars are flowing in response: the number of AI start-ups getting funding has spiked 4x from 2012 to 2016 (from 160 deals to 658 deals, according to CB Insights) and…

  • Small Data 100 – A Resource Guide for Data-driven Innovation

    As I approach 5 years of writing, speaking, applying and tracking the growth of small data, it seemed like a good time to compile an updated resource guide with the apps, research centers, agencies, influencers, and vendors who have advanced the state of the art and continue to create what is now a vibrant marketplace…

  • Small Data in Real Estate Marketing

    During my time at vertical SaaS pioneer Placester I had the good fortune of working with my friend and all around branding wiz Seth Price. In addition to talking about marketing and start-up secrets during our walks around downtown Boston, I had the pleasure of appearing on an episode of his Marketing Genius podcast. What…

  • A New Design Philosophy – My Talk at SPARK Boston

    Last week I gave a talk at the excellent SPARK Boston event along with some other marketing heros of mine including CC Chapman and Kyle Lacy. Of course the topic was Small Data, with a brief history of the topic and a drill down into my thoughts about the movement providing key inputs into a…

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