B&W headshotSmall Data Group has been a blog and side project created by 5-time CMO and current Forrester VP and Research Director Allen Bonde – and has been consistently one of Google’s top ranked sites for small data over the past few years. Our mission is simple: provide insightful perspectives for organizations looking to understand both the history and power of data-driven ‘smart’ applications – especially when applied to everyday work – along with the many technologies, from AI to Zapier, that power them.

As we share ideas and post from time to time, we welcome your suggestions and input!

To learn more please contact Allen via email: allen AT allenbonde.com.

One comment

  1. Atomic Tower

    “Small Data” is a fantastic term for what enterprise users are struggling with. Caught between expensive deployments of big data solutions or nothing, they certainly need a tool to help them leverage their data in this age of analytics.

    I am looking forward to participating in this forum – thank you for making it available.

    Brian LeBlanc
    http://atomictower.com – Reporting & Analytics in the Cloud
    Energize Your Data

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